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Our company is formed by the compact group of people who have always believed in the phenomenon of Innovation, Globalization and Technology. We have worked extensively from a decade in Italy for helping immigrants to gel in the new country by providing them assistance in legalization and documentation and lending them a hand in field of education and formation form basic Italian courses to English courses to Driving License courses to Computer Classes for adults

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Mission & Vision

We believe that knowledge is power and sharing knowledge with all makes a healthy society where ever we go!!

We provide the opportunities fit to your needs by giving you access to the relevant information in different sectors around the world by organizing informational and educational events around the globe.

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Our Services

Exam preparation for Driving License B

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ILETS & Languages Courses

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Computer Courses for Adults and Senior Citizens

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Accident Claim

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Immigration Services

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Indian Passport Services

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Italian Nationality

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Our Team

As managing director and amministrative head, Preet leads all online operations and formation and she handles the business stratergies and operations of the company.She has extensive experience in public relations by executing job profile in indian consulate and afterwords undertaking consulting and training projects of her own with the collaboartions with local bodies and community in Italy.

After that she has worked in India for multinationals to set up their ties in india. She was instrumental in setting up and basic operation handling of a multinational from Italy in India.

In Italy she works for various integration programs and constantly in formation sector to help immigrants to adapt the culture and helping them to cover the language gaps and to mingle in the new country.

Name : Preet Kamal Saini

Managing Director and Commercial head for ties and collaboration in event management and various projects undertaking in digitalization and evolving economy around the globe.
Kamal has been brought up in Mantua city, North Italy. While studying and working this invincible has attained the perfection by working in multiple sectors like public sector with city administration, aviation industry, financial and banking sector, general insurance along with debt management company, Kamal has gained profound knowledge of multiple cultures, understanding of the work strategies and work force. Collaboration with Italian multinationals for investment projects in various sectors in India along with renewable energy, power sector and outsourcing.


Name : Kamal Desour

Part of the firm handling and leading awareness programs and handling contacts in India and creating an edge to the projects by covering the masses untouched by digitalization and advance formation. Previously handling network services ,EX Director for a cooperative society and extensive work in project implementation enhances his profile each day.

Parte della società che gestisce e guida i programmi di formazione digitale e la gestione dei contatti in India. Lui un vantaggio ai progetti coprendo le masse intatte dalla digitalizzazione e formazione. Gestione dei servizi di rete in precedenza, Direttore EX per una società cooperativa e un ampio lavoro di implementazione del progetto, migliora ogni giorno il suo profilo.

Name : Vineet sonkar

CA Deepak Khanna  is a Financial Wizard and is a Practising Chartered  Accountant.  He has been in Practice for last 33 years in the field of Audit Income tax and Company Law. He has been Financial Consultant to number of Corporates and is an expert in Financial Planning.

Financial head of the invincible, guiding us with his huge experience to touch the new mile stones.

Name : CA Deepak Khanna

Great way to get success in our services.